As for the 12… Plans A-C + Travel Workout

Goal: Lose 20 lbs of fat…..

Really, truly as much as it pains me to say, 12 seems a bit much so I’ma start with 5.

In addition to eating more lean meats and veggies (and yes, less of everything else) I’m also going to start working out, consistently. Not, arduously, just regularly. Really, I’m doing nothing now, so something is better than nothing.  I am walking the dog so my new fitness goal for the week. After walking the dog:

75 Kettle Bell (KB) swings (35lbs KB)

20 push ups

No idea how long this will take, in the past I’m sure I could get through it in less than 3 minutes… so I’m hoping today it does not take more than 5.

That’s right folks, I’m patting myself on the back for 5 minutes of fitness 🙂

Ya gotta start someplace right.

And, so as not set myself up for failure I’ve got a plan B and plan C.

Plan B if for some reason I oversleep or um…wake up hung over, I’ll get this in before I shower at night.

Plan C if I’m traveling (heading to MIA tomorrow, remember the whole work travel thing), I’ll swap this 5 minute routine for another:

40 Reptiles

40 back Lunges

I like 40 cause I have trouble counting past 10 so if I do 10 then turn to the right and do 10 turn again… when I end up facing where I started I know I’m done.

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