Default Settings

Goal: Lose 20 LBS

Tip: Set your default settings.

Mark your default on your phone's screen saver so that you are constantly remined

Mark your default on your phone’s screen saver so that you are constantly remined

I’m determined to get through the first 21 days as planned…. With 6 days of primal eating and 1 cheat day.  Part of the problem is my current default settings are in deprived-fat-girl mode.  When I walk into Starbucks the first thing I think is grande skinny latte,  when I go to a bar the first thing I do is order a margarita…   

No thikning inviolved, these are my defaults and they ARE NOT helpful. I needed to rest them to fit-girl-mode; Thinking up front so that down the road when I’m running on E and about to hop on a flight I make the smart choice the easy choice. Here’s how I did it and so can you.

1)      Walk through the most common food and exercise situations you face.


2)      Think of what your “go-to: or default setting should be.

  1. a.       Having a few options won’t hurt. The more you think of ahead of time, the easier it is in the moment.


3)      Consciously put yourself in those situations so you can practice


4)      IF you have a smart phone, save it in your notes and then take a picture and make it your screen saver so it’s always in your face.


See below for my example


Situations/Setting and New Default

1)      Starbucks: grab grande coffee with cream and a pack of almonds


2)      Airport Food Options:


  1. a.        Go to Dickey’s and get half a smoked chicken and a salad
  2. b.      Pay the “skinny-tax” and fork over $1 for an apple and add some almonds
  3. c.       All else fails get a grilled chicken sandwich and scrap the bun


3)      Going out:

  1. a.        Look at all protein FIRST then decide what veggies to have

                                                               i.      Look for grilled chicken, roasted fish, steak and then choose veggie

  1. b.      Don’t look at the menu just ask waiter what kind of grilled chicken or roast fish dish he recommends, make sure there are no starches and take that  (avoid decision making all together)

4)      Drinks:

  1. a.       Option A Red Wine
  2. b.      Option 2 vodka soda ( I know this is not ideal or primal  but it’s lower in calories and sugar than a margarita)
  3. c.       Follow first drink with a water


5)      Walking into work :

  1. a.       Beeline it for the stairs (not the elevator)



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