What I ate: 02/11/2013



What I ate yesterday: 02/11/2013

First my thoughts then my list

Thoughts: Yes, I still put sugar in my coffee, I like turbinado sugar (sugar in the raw), and by like I mean love and in my head (and actually if you do that math) I can still lose weight and have sugar in my coffee. Sure it means I need to be more diligent throughout the day, it’s a price I’m willing to pay for that warm wake me up hug.
As for the rest of the day… I’m feeling pretty fine about it. I didn’t pack enough snacks so seriously, THANK GAWD , I had some leftover nuts from a plane trip at the bottom of my purse 😀 Otherwise I may have lost it on the guy who kept picking his teeth in my 3:00 meeting.
Keeping it protein and veggie focused check
Saving $ by packing lunch check
Saving my job by avoiding hunger-rage check
All in all a pretty good food day

Protein shake
1.5 scoops whey
1 small handful strawberries

1 green powder
Coffee with sugar, cinnamon and half and half

Ginger and lemon grass shrimp and zucchini
Sautéed cabbage
Packet of nuts

Plain Greek yogurt
1 scoop protein
Handful frozen strawberries
1 Asian Apple

Balsamic Chicken with Cabbage
1 large glass o’ red

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