What I ate 02/12

What I ate yesterday: 02/12/2013

Lunch is leftovers, YUM!

Lunch is leftovers, YUM!

First my thoughts then my list

During the week I eat the same things for breakfast: Protein shake, boiled /deviled eggs or plain Greek yogurt, throw in a handful of almonds here and there.

I like it this way, less thinking equals less stress. 

I also tend to rotate snacks:  Greek yogurt with frozen berries, nuts, boiled eggs, chicken salad, turkey, Havarti avocado wraps (wrap  the turkey and avocado with a bit of mustard in the cheese), chopped tomatoes with blue cheese and balsamic, a piece of fruit here and there. 

Again, less thinking equals fitness success.

When I got home, I had one of those fully and completely mentally draining days that was topped off with a dentist appointment. I not only wasn’t in the mood, not to mention capable of thinking, seriously lobotomy numb. I  didn’t even want to chew, yes, I wanted to eat, just not chew, there’s a subtle difference there. So I went to my comfort meal, cheese, grapes and bacon. no fuss no muss (yes lotsa fat, but who’s counting fat when you’re counting carbs, not this girl). 


Protein shake

                1.5 scoops whey

                1 small handful strawberries

1 green powder

Coffee with sugar, cinnamon and half and half


Fig Balsamic Chicken



LaCroix Lemon (canned lemon soda water)

Plain Greek yogurt

1 scoop protein

Handful frozen strawberries


2 strips bacon

1 oz aged gouda

1 oz goat gouda 

1 oz parm gouda (yep there are many many types of gouda exsit)

Small handful of grapes and

Yes, that succulentness that comes from grape: 1 glass o’ Cab 

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