What I ate: 02/14/13

What I ate yesterday: 02/14/2013

Caf was offering randomness...

Caf was offering randomness…

First my thoughts then my list

So it’s Valentines day… I’ll be going to dinner later, to one of my favorite places… Victor Tangos, great cocktails awesome tapas style American dishes and the best dessert in all of Dallas (the Brown Bag Apple Pie at Place at Perry’s is a close runner-up), the Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake, I shall partake in all of these. I’m planning ahead though, will opt out of the grains, and only have one cocktail a Manhattan, my fav.  I have another big dinner tomorrow… so in addition to planning WHAT I’ll eat I’m also thinking about HOW, small portions, gonna take it easy and eat for taste and not fullness these next couple days.



Breakfast  (Yes, or should I call it groundhog’s day meal)

Protein Shake (Go figure)

1.5 scoops whey

                1 small handful strawberries

1 green powder

Coffee with sugar, cinnamon and half and half



Chicken Protein Pack 1 of 2

So I forgot lunch and the caf is only offering randomness, pizza and sandwiches….  I opted for the randomness, which is too bad actually.

The “Pack” includes:

1 scoop of chicken salad

¼ tomato

 2 slices of cheese ( I loathe yellow American so I’m only eating one slice, the swiss)

1 egg



Chicken Protein Pack 2/2


Shared Seared Diver Scallopps, Flank Steak and Brocollini (notice the sharing…so romatic)

1 Manhattan

1 Red Wine

1 Port (yes this girl likes her drink)

And the grand finale… STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING CAKE!!! YES OH YES! I mean if I’m going to get off the wagon, I won’t fall, I’ll jump head first into that stick toffee goodness.   One, pat on the back, I didn’t finish…I could have but I didn’t about 4 bites and a one very large finale mouthful were enough.






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