What I did: 02/19/13

more before 8

There was no post for what I did yesterday… I really didn’t do anything. BUT today I did…and it was great. My heart rate was up, the sweat was pouring and I got that exercise high right after!  You know I feel better for putting in that 17 minutes of work today than I do from sleeping in 30 minutes yesterday…Gotta remind my self of that in the future.

Warmed Up (5 minutes)

10 Knee hugs

10 Toy Soldiers

10 Moon  the sky

10 Golf Swings

Hip Stretches


3 Rounds (12 Minutes)

15 Goblet Squats

15 Muppets

15 Back  Lunges

15 Pushups

15 Kb Swings (36lbs)


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