What I Did: 06/03/13

Fan envy...

Fan envy… at the NYC HOWL Festival

I actually managed to work out every day but one while I was in Asia… and by “work-out” I mean move with purpose. Then I came back and was devoured by the beast called  Jet-Lag.  Now I’m feeling back to normal and ready to work out again. Here is my “taking it slow to start work out”

I walked Loki for about 15 minutes and then eased through the following.

Time: 20 Minutes

15  Playground Twists

15  Golf Swings

15 Shoulder Slides

15 Back Slaps

2  High Lunges  (hold or 15 seconds)

2  Spider Man Lunges  (hold for 15 seconds)

2 Reverse Spider man Lunges  (hold for 15 seconds)


15 Bridges

15 Bird Dogs

Repeat 2xs


15 Lunges

12 pushups

Repeat 2 times


15 squats (ugg my nemesis)

15  light KB swings

Woot! Something is better than nothing!!! Go me 🙂

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