What I Made: 06/03/2013


Cooking for the week.. black beans, baked eggs, ratatouille.

Cooking for the week.. black beans, baked eggs, ratatouille.



No idea what I'ma do with all this chicken, thinking tacos, soups, salads...

No idea what I’ma do with all this chicken, thinking tacos, soups, salads…


My NYC kitchen is soooooooooooooooo small, Thumbelina size BUT it does have four burners and a stove which I put to use last night!

I made:

Black Beans


Chicken Breast

Baked Eggs


The whole shebang took about 40 minutes from start to finish including clean up (but not cooling and bagging)…I’m a clean as you go kinda gal.

The process went  like this:

Turn oven on to 350.

Dump marinara sauce into baking dish, add eggs, top with parm set aside

Chop the veggies

Add mushrooms to eggs and pop into the oven- set timer for 20 minutes

Put pans on stove and heat

Open rinse and wash beans

Add a bit of oil to the pans dump in onions and garlic (same base) turn to med high

Add chili pepper and cumin to the beans pot, stir

While that cooks, wash stuff

Smell the garlic, dump the beans into a pot

Add eggplant to the other pot

Pull out the chicken, wash it put it in a bowl, season with salt, pepper, garlic, few splashes hot sauce ( I was out of red pepper flakes go figure) a few splashes of balsamic

Wash hands

Stir beans and add other veggies (zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms to the egg plant pot. Stir everything again.

Put beans to simmer

Put chicken on a baking pan

Wash hands and chicken bowl (I get grossed out by raw chicken juice hanging around)

Pull out baked eggs

Have a sip of wine (hee hee)

Stir stove top stuff

Add basil and can of roasted tomato to egg plant pot. Put to simmer.

Put chicken in the oven

Pet Loki

Wash hands


Turn off Egg plant pot

Take photo

Pull out chicken

Turn off beans.

Let it all cool then bag it up (stuff took a bit of time to coo, this is not included in the 45 minutes…I read while that was happening)

I had the baked eggs over spinach for dinner.

I plan to re-purpose these throughout the week…let’s see how creative I can get.

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