Fit travel made less stressful




Depending on who you ask things can get extreme:

  • Only stay in hotels with kitchens and cook all your meals ($$$ and isn’t staying in a hotel about NOT cleaning up? )
  • Only eat from the grocery store (boring, a huge part of travel is trying new cuisines)
  • Workout every day for 1 hour (riiiiiigggghhhhtttt)
  • Do not drink (um, say what? Hanging at the bar is a great way to meet locals)

This all just seems a bit much to me. I mean I want to be fit and I sure as hell don’t want to throw all of my hard work away on a business trip or over a long weekend but I also don’t want to add stress to my travel.  So here are a few of my travel rules:

  • Pack protein powder and nuts- drink/eat the protein in the airport. For the most part I have not found airport food worth the cost, monetary or calorically. When I do find exceptions I’ll let you know.  I add the powder to water or Greek yogurt, buy an overpriced apple or pack of carrots and call it a meal.  I pop nuts when I’m tempted to buy pizza or other salty airport foods. My other airports go to is grilled chicken and a salad.  You can also have the protein for breakfast at the hotel too. It’s cheaper and easier than hotel eggs. The reduced hassle will let you sleep a bit longer (if you are on a schedule).


  • Pack fish oil capsules- I take fish oil every day in liquid form.  I prefer to travel with a carry on only and don’t always have access to refrigeration so this is my substitute.  On short trips I bring probiotics too. Then I give myself a big fat high fives for keeping up with a healthy habit. If nothing else, at least I did that!


  • Attach workout time to something. I like to work out as soon as I get to/back to the hotel. The program is walk into the room change, move.


  • Don’t stress about the workout, just do one.  I’ve got a few go to workouts.  I always pack my bands, gymboss, jump rope and lacrosse ball so even if the hotel gym is the equivalent of a smelly closet I can make the room or a nearby park my gym.


  • Workout when you can. If I can get in four (4) 15 minute “workouts” in a day I will because I know there really is no such thing as a “schedule” when I’m on the road. Again, don’t stress, if you get in an hours’ worth of workout on Monday, are you going to beat yourself up for skipping the workout to do some crazy once in a lifetime thing on Tuesday? Nope.  If you “only” get in 20 minutes of interval training on your 3 day trip are you going to fall part or gain 10 lbs. Nope.


  • Eat like a normal person.  Don’t binge, if you want to try new foods, try a bite and share dishes.  And only go for broke on new things, just because you are in San Fran for work doesn’t mean you “deserve” a milkshake.


  • Plan an activity. Try something touristy that demands action, go kayaking, try icing skating, take a walking tour or climbing monument steps.

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