Eat Smart: Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand

I’m starving! Today’s been a bit nuts and I’m home, HUNGRY but hours from dinner.  Patting myself on the back now for keeping healthy snacks handy. Aside from “treat days” I try to watch my portions and keep my starch and sugar down (AKA Low Carb Life) so I’m having a Protein Smoothie (Gold Standard protein, a few berries, water) to take the edge off.  Here’s a few other snacks I keep on hand:

  1. Whey Protein for smoothies
  2. Hard boiled eggs which often turn into deviled eggs
  3. Beef and turkey Jerky
  4. Moon Cheese
  5. Almonds (of course)
  6. Icelandic Skyr/Greek Yogurt

Here’s the tip: Pick some snacks you feel good about eating and stock your cupboard and purse!

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