START HERE: Daily Fitness Habits

Fitness is a journey. I’ve always wanted it to be a hurry-up-get-it-done-then-have-it-last-forever type of thing. Like 10 weeks of insanity (cabbage soup diet anyone) and then poof magically I have my most amazing body and am full of energy forever and ever after.  Alas, that is just not the way it works. What does work is developing and maintaining with consistency, healthy behaviors AKA habits. Below are a few that make a huge difference for me and are fairly easy to maintain. If you are looking to get fit take one of these and try it for 3 weeks to see if you notice a difference. But seriously just try 1, a big mistake many folks make is trying too much at once and not being able to maintain.

  • Starting the day with 21 grams of protein (I normally have a “green smoothie” with whey protein)
  • Moving for 10  minutes each morning ( light yoga, mobility warm up or a walk around the block)
  • Working out  for at least 20 minutes  3Xs a week
  • Writing down my goals and say them out loud (I try to do this once a week, it happens at least every other week)
  • Watching the white food, sugar and carbs. Focusing on the protein and veggies.
  • Eating a veggie with EVERY meal/snack
  • Meeting friends for an activity (walk, bike ride, bowling) and not just food and drinks
  • Having a food/drink treat to focus on ( if I know I’m going to an amazing brunch on Saturday it makes it a lot easier to pass on the free office bagels during the week)

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