Start Here: Get Fit Fits

Throughout this blog you’ll see “Get Fit Fits” posted. These are moves I do throughout the day they help keep my mind focused on my fitness goal and my body ready to move (while burning a few calories here and there). I literally think about it like throwing a hissy fit.  I just get the spirit and throw my body around. It’s actually kind of awesome, you should give it a try.

To be sure, the mover get your heart rate up but the HARDEST part is actually remembering to do them, so I found this trick… I pick a trigger.  Something that I know will happen and reminds me to do them. I’m putting in 10 kicks after I use the bathroom at home, seriously!

You can do them when you wake up, every time you go to the bathroom, after you get off the phone, every time you get out of the car… PICK a trigger and then get to moving.

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