Workout of the Week 1: Get Strong with Jump Squats

This a 2 part workout. Go hard for the first part and slow and steady on the second. The whole thing should take about 25 minutes including a warm up. Aim to get this in 3-4 times this week, alternating with a Lean workout for a total of 3-5 exercise days  and you’ll be feeling good! 

Warm Up

Part 1

Go through this as quickly as you can 3 times (if you’ve got more time or the inclination do 4 or 5). Note to self: if you can easily do more reps in the last round you should increase the weight you are using  or up your intensity. 

10-12 Split Squats

10-12 Chest Presses (from floor)

20 Jump Squats

10-12 Renegades (must do one on each side for a count of 1)

12-15 Triceps Dips

20 Jump Squats


Part 2

Move slowly here, slower is better…. Go through these 3-4 times 

20-25  Bicycles

12-15 Bird dogs

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