Hotel Workout AZ Biltmore < 30 Minutes


Warm up plus 2 Parts 

22 minutes Part 1 Get Lean and Strong- Go through this as quickly as you can 3 times (if you’ve got more time or the inclination do 4)

12- 15 (each side)  Split Squats

10-12 Chest Presses

20-25  Jump Squats

10-12 (each side) Renegades (plank position and row each side)

10-12 (each side) 1 Leg Deadlifts

10-15 Tricep Dips (on the bench)

20-15 Jump Squats

Rest for 3-5 minutes

5 Minutes Part 2: Core work- go through this 3 times 

10 V sits

10 (each side) bird dogs

Part 3: High Five Yourself!!!!!

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