Date Night and A Deal: Brooklyn Winery

A wine tour and tasting in the middle of Williamsburg, Brooklyn… How decadent! A price of $25 per person how modest!

Something happened along the way between moving in together and getting married. We started wearing more and going out less. Now don’t get me wrong, spending a night snuggled up on the couch with my man and my dog is it’s own form of paradise. But, you know, it’s a big wide world out there and if we are paying this big NYC rent money we need to have some big NYC adventure time. This city is truly amazing and not taking advantage of what it has to offer is just silly and sad. Silly and sad.

Looking to get it steamy, it’s the winter now, and yes we are still wearing more but also going out more. Yay! As I mentioned above, I rent, I want to own, therefore I need to save. But I still wanna par-tay with my hub-bay and my friends and myself and I digress.

So back to BK Winery… I love a good deal and wine. Wine and a good deal count me in. BK Winery offers a tour and tasting for $35 per person but they had a holiday offer for $25 and somehow that seems SO much more reasonable to me. So I jumped on it, and the Friday before Christmas, date-night commenced.

The tour was amazing, our guide was very knowledgeable and the wine was tasty. I’m thinking I’ll suggest it to my squad for girl’s night out and take my mom next time she comes to town.

After the tasting it was happy hour so we got $7 wine and $3 nuts (yep all those nuts were just three bucks)  before heading out to dinner at the Meatball Shop (just a 5 minute walk away).


I’m always looking for a deal, that’s part of how I manage to keep some moderation in my decadence and in trying to manage a budget. I’m very pleased with how this date turned out.








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