Date Night and a Deal: Ria Bella

img_1381Having a delicious and decadent meal scheduled for sometime in the next 5-7 days always makes it easier to moderate my eating over time.  I believe that every meal doesn’t NEED to be delicious, sometimes food just needs to sustain you. For example when your day is back to back with meetings and phone calls and things to do and you literally have no more tan 10 minutes to eat. At that point in time I’m not going to focus on what I’m eating, I don’t have time to enjoy it, so I just try to pick something healthy, chew, swallow, and keep the hanger-monster at bay.  It is easier to pick something healthy when I know I have something decadent and delicious coming later in the week (not that healthy can’t be delicious, I know it can).

Having said that, let’s be real though, at some point if I’m only eating for sustenance I’m going to to end up sad and grumpy.  Enter, the treat/cheat meal. It’s the meal where I eat for taste and nothing else.  Not to keep me fueled for a workout, not to get me through the  day, not to feed my feelings,  I just eat for the joy of eating. Knowing I’ve a got a meal that coming helps me to stay focused on my healthy.

And so, onto date night at Ria Bella… I love PIZZA. I’m obsessed with melted cheese in all of its glorious forms,  grilled cheese, nachos, mozzarella sticks, cheese toast, fondue, Mexican queso, just to name a few. But pizza, to me, is the pinacale of melted cheese, nothing showcasing how amazing ooey and gooey cheese can be like a pizza. So, I saw a Groupon (yep they still exists) for one of my favorite pizza places and thought maybe I should get this, $35 for $70 worth of food, not too shabby. Then, I walked by and saw they are now serving beer and wine (they had been dry up until this point) and I knew it was on: DATE NIGHT!!!

We started with the broccoli rabe and shrimp, I just HAD to have something green, you know to balance it out and quite the guilt goblin in my head. The greens were bitter and delicious, the shrimp well cooked and flavorful, seriously hit the spot. The dish came with an olive bread that is not be missed.


Then onto the main event, they do half and half pizzas if you like. So we did his and hers style with the Mariella, me, (vegetarian with ricotta) and the Pizza con Gamberi, him, ( shrimp, cherry peppers and avocado).


Of course we split a bottle of wine and then came home for a bit more wine and a movie on the couch.

Ria Bella is a few blocks off of the G train Greenpoint stop and 100% worth the voyage. There are some great bars within walking distance on Franklin Ave and on Manhattan Ave (same block as Ria Bella) if you feel like getting up to more than eating.


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