Staying on Plan with Happy Hour and a Deal

So, I LOVE happy hour, almost as much as I love brunch, for different reasons of course. Happy Hour is my jam because I know I’ll get some quality time with folks but also get home at a decent hour. Oh, yeah, and the food and drinks at a deal price. Quesadillas, mozzarella sticks, wings, old fashioned, margaritas, daquiris, all at discount …YES YES YES YES and YAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!  Having said that, even though happy our is kind to my wallet it’s not always kind to my waist, or these thighs. So, let me introduce you to my favorite light happy hour combo: Bubbles and Oysters!!!! No, not everywhere serves them but when I can I try to steer my groups to a place that does. $1 oysters are pretty popular around NYC and most places that have wine on the happy hour list, include some type of bubbles.


This photo is from a happy hour at Pinkerton Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. $1 oysters and $9 glass of bubbly rose, made for delicious and economical (for my waist and wallet) start to that evening. And let’s be honest, this combo is absolutely  fabulous #decadence

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