What I’m Doing Now

DeadliftMy life is ALWAYS changing. Each week is different from the next, sometimes I’m just in NYC, sometimes I’m in 3 cities between Monday and Saturday, sometimes I have work events (AKA free fancy dinners) sometimes I have happy hour and dinner with friends and family (AKA budgets and good times). Depending on how my life is going I have to switch my plan up.  This page will always be updated with my current fitness plan. I keep my fitness plans for as long as they work.

My goal right now is weight fat loss (#wedding diet, my first dress fitting is July 17th and I’d like to knock 2 inches off my hips, which will put me back at my pre-relationship size). You’ll see below I’m focusing on low-carb eating (vs counting calories or another way to control my diet/intake) 6 days per week. Diet dictates weight loss (I’ll say that in another way, you can’t out train a bad diet). As long as I keep losing weight, I’ll keep that treat day, if I stop I’ll cut it out, Make sense?

As for my workouts…keep reading.

So here is what I’m up to as of 5/31/16:

  • All about that low-carb life Sunday-Friday
    • Eating low carb 6 days a week with a serious treat day on Saturday, I’m talking brunch, mimosas, margaritas and cupcakes. Otherwise, it’s fish, veggies, steak, protein shakes, deviled eggs and cheese (all pretty delicious).  The treat day helps me focus during the week and turn down the free office donuts knowing I’ve got something more satisfying coming in a couple days. Low carb eating is satifying, pretty easy to do while being social and effective for fat loss.
  • Crossfitting…when I can.
    • My goal is to hit up my local box 3 times per week when I’m in town all week. When I’m not I do the Strong and Lean workouts you see on this blog.
  • Lean and Strong workouts 2-3 days per week when I can’t get to the Crossfit because I’m out of town or just don’t have the 90 minutes it takes to get there workout and get home.
  • Learning to jog
    • A couple days a week I spend about 25-30 minutes walk/jogging using the Couch to 5K app. I’m not a runner but I really like the idea of going on a 3 mile run being NO big deal. So I’m working on it.
  • Mobility work a few days a week. Basically this means stretching and strengthening to help keep myself uninjured and feeling great.

Now you might be thinking that’s a lot of movement, I know I AM and IT IS! Dropping 2 inches from my hips in a few months won’t happen without WORK! I’m willing to put it in, I’ve got serious motivation (#wedding) and now a plan to follow.

Let me know what you’re working on and WHY you’re working for it!